Haakimun Min Khalkullah - Environmental Ancestry Story Circles

Stories are powerful, they have the ability to connect us to a moment, each other, and our collective experiences. They share wisdom across generations and cultures. They remind us who we are.  

MNIPL is hosting a new series of storytelling circles in Muslim spaces, open to the interfaith community to celebrate unique family and environmental ancestries. These circles will be hosted by Muslim youth from the MNIPL Youth Leadership Team and will highlight stories the youth will collect in interviews with their family members about their family history. Through these stories, youth will showcase their own traditions and customs and how their family historically relates to the land. Youth will learn to celebrate their own voices in such a way that they are able to see how the unique voices of others are also valuable. This series will culminate during Ramadan at MNIPL’s Interfaith Iftar at the Northern Spark festival on June 10th.

We all have our stories! Come help us write the next few lines on YOUR page in the human chapter, by learning about your neighbors and their environmental ancestry. Community members are invited to join these story circles, regardless of faith tradition, to share their own stories

You’re invited to join us for a Story Circle. People from all faith backgrounds are welcome to attend. This series of events is generously sponsored by the Bush Foundation. 



Stories and Youth Art Build February 13th, 5pm - 7pm at 2104 Stevens Ave., Minneapolis. Youth from Native Lives Matter and the Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light Youth Leadership Team will tell stories about what motivates them to take a stand.  And they will create art together to honor life givers: women and water.

Environmental Ancestry Story Circle February 25th, 10 am - 12 pm at Gandhi Mahal Restaurant, 3009 27th Ave. S, Minneapolis.   NOTE: Location has been moved.  We are NOT at the Imam Husain Islamic Center.

We’ll kick off our very first Environmental Ancestry Story Circle by getting to know each other and where each person is from. Then, we’ll talk about the importance of storytelling, break into our story circles, and share with each other. Sweet treats, coffee and Chai provided by Gandhi Mahal.  RSVP by emailing, or just join us.  Youth are encouraged to bring their Elders.

Interfaith Iftar, June 10th, Cedar Cultural Center Patio, Minneapolis 

The annual overnight Northern Spark festival falls during Ramadan, a season of fasting and reflection for Muslims all over the world. We invite you to join us for a community Iftar, to break bread with our Muslim brothers and sisters and enjoy conversation, connection, and festive celebration. Our evening together will begin at sunset with a wonderful and poetic call to prayer (Adhan). More details to follow. 

This series of events is generously sponsored by the Bush Foundation.