MNIPL Arrowhead Network

Over 25 congregations in the Arrowhead region are working in interfaith collaboration to grow a climate movement that can take our communities and the Arrowhead Region to the next level in organizing for a just and sustainable future!

We are engaged congregants and community members from a broad range of backgrounds who are focusing on solutions and projects representing  MNIPL's three paths of engagement in  climate organizing:

Practical – Carbon Reduction

  • Work to develop community solar, including special opportunities for congregations

  • Support energy efficiency solutions across the boundaries of faith, neighborhood and income. 

Systemic Change - Policy Advocacy

  • Engage in conversations, public events and letter writing to bring the need for climate action to the forefront

  • Join with statewide and nationwide movements such as the Clean Energy and Jobs campaign to advocate for specific public policy measures

  • Advocate for stronger opportunities for solar power in the Arrowhead and across rural Minnesota

  • Investigate the fossil fuel Divest-Reinvest movement and options for individual and institutional action

Spiritual/Relationship Building

  • Build hope and strength to continue our work in healing our relationships with each other and the natural world  

  • Organize or participate in a  “Be the Spark” workshop series to identify our gifts and commitments to climate action

  • Hold “climate conversations” in congregations across the region to nurture the growth of their “creation care” or “green teams” to address climate change   

  • Deepen  theological/spiritual awareness of our connections with the earth and the web of all life which is present in all major religious traditions

 Join us at a monthly meeting. Check the calendar on the MNIPL website or email [email protected] for dates and times.